EWG’s Clean 15-Approved list of produce that actually have the least pesticides.

clean 15 list of produce
clean 15 list of produce
``Clean 15``

The Clean Fifteen™ are the EWG’s 15 least contaminated fruits and vegetables. These are the foods with the least amount of detected pesticides. These foods can be purchased conventionally if you don’t want to buy organic all the time. There are times when we are grocery shopping on a budget and are not sure whether we should by organic or not. This list will help you in determining which are the cleanest produce, contain the least amount of pesticides.

We prefer if our clients purchased organic but if we are opting to purchase non organic then these are the produce that you should know have the least amount of pesticides.

This EWG’s list of the cleanest 15 produce changes periodically, for more information please vist EWG.ORG.

For more information on the Dirty Dozen, list of 12 produce we should ALWAYS buy organic, visit us here..

EWG's 2018 CLEAN 15

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  1. I was surprised to see corn as being one of the least dirtiest but that’s great to hear because I love eating corn. It’s so hard to eat chemical free these days.

  2. I am very familiar with the Dirty Dozen, but this is my first experience with the Clean 15! Thanks for sharing. So glad broccoli made the cut. Can’t live without it!

  3. I always try to buy organic fruits and vegetables much as possible. With better and organic methods being used today, I don’t understand why farmers are still relying on harsh pesticides.

  4. This is so good to know! People should be trying to eat healthier (without a doubt!) and these are a great starting point. Even just cutting out pesticides are a great first step toward a healthier lifestyle.

  5. This is such a great post, it short but really give us a good information and sounds like a great option. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I prefer buying organic food to cook with whenever I can…it just adds to the overall health factor of meals. This list might come handy the next time I go produce shopping at the local market.
    – Nandita

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this! I know almost all veggies are grown using pesticides, but I still like to limit exposure whenever possible, even though I wash them thoroughly. I’m bookmarking this for sure.

  8. I’m glad to see some of my favourites on there. I adore avocados and broccoli is a favourite with the kids. A nice surprise to see asparagus making the list too.

  9. I prefer to buy organic produce and always wash fruit and veg well before using. This is so interesting and I’m wondering if there are similar results in the UK

  10. I’m so glad I buy most of my produce from our local CSA scheme – no pesticides, no chemicals. Food grown the way it’s supposed to be – locally.

  11. What an insightful post! I never thought about these in your way! Good to understand your perspective and look forward to your next posts.

  12. Pesticides are used in a wide range of settings with one of the most important areas being in agriculture. … Farmers use pesticides to: protect crops from insect pests, weeds and fungal diseases while they are growing. prevent rats, mice, flies and other insects from contaminating foods whilst they are being stored.

  13. Excellent post – and a welcome reminder! Thank you for sharing this useful information! Always good to know.

  14. Thanks for sharing this list! Recently I’ve been trying to eat clean and buy more organic produce so this is super helpful.

  15. Wow, great to learn about this as I thought nowaday all vegetables and fruits are full of pesticide. Glad avacoda and corn and cauliflower and brocolli are in the list as these are my daily diet.

  16. I actually do like to grow as many vegetables as I can in my own garden. This way I know they are pesticide free and won’t harm me.

  17. What a great and informative post. Such a great work from EWG to have a list of fruits and vegetables that has least pesticide. This can be a big help when buying.

  18. I hate that we need to worry about things like pesticides. I try to buy organic, but even that has pesticides according to the experts:-/

  19. This list is vital, because people are out here spending extra money on foods they believe are organic and aren’t, and not realizing the foods that they should definitely spend more money on to avoid all the unnecessary toxins.

  20. wow! nice to know. here in our country, they still use pesticides but more and more farmers are now leaning towards organic farming. i always try to buy organic products when shopping for fresh produce. we also have a small garden beside our home.

  21. This list is so helpful! I try to buy organic when I can, but sometimes items aren’t available or are too expensive. It’s good to know that perfection isn’t necessary.

  22. I didn’t realize broccoli was one of the clean 15! I knew certain other food were pretty safe, especially if they have a shell or a thick skin to provide more of a barrier against pesticides.

  23. This is so interesting, I had never really thought about pesticides before. I will definitely keep this in mind

  24. Thanks for sharing all of this. Very informative and useful for everyone’s heath. I guess I’m starting this week great with this fresh fruits. Thanks

  25. We’re always trying to buy as organic as possible. It’s great to know that these items have the least amount of pesticides. Thanks for sharing. This is great news since I am vegan.

  26. Thank you for sharing this information, So helpful to know as I always try to buy the best for my family!

  27. This is helpful post, I am going pin it for future use. I eat lot veggies and fruits and need to know which one has less pesticides

  28. So needed right now, especially in light of the produce recalls and warnings! Thank you for sharing this information!

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